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blackjack Since the 1970s, video poker has been played in one form or the other. As a matter of fact, the very first video slot machines came in form of poker games. Today, classic poker terminals have been overtaken by modern video slots.

Despite this, video poker still has a special place in the heart of the casino community, both in the internet world and in the physical world.

In many parts of the world, pokies rule. The internet literally has several machines fighting side by side to compete for the players' bankroll. Thankfully, the internet edge has made work easier.

You simply need to download your favorite video poker app and the fun will go on. You can play a wide range of video pokies on the internet with different betting limits. This allows for the flexibility of the games you intend to play based on your budget.

Generally, pokies are a game of skill. And with low house edge and the possibility of winning a big jackpot, most players find it hard to resist video poker. This has contributed to the rising popularity of pokies.

There are as many variations of real money pokies as there are internet casinos. But once you choose a reliable platform like Royal Vegas online casino, you should be set especially if you're looking to play pokies.

Winnings & payouts in video poker

Payment is done according to the variation of the real money pokies you are playing. It's good to know which hand you will be drawing to in the game, so find the pay table in advance.

In a video poker game of Jacks and Better for instance, you will get the minimum hand of payment which in most cases is a pair of Jacks. Payouts will increase in regards to the hand. These will automatically obey standard poker rankings.

Generally, video poker hand rankings remain constant in most pokies regardless of their variations. However, the payouts will vary depending on the game which you are playing. That is the reason you must study the pay table of that particular video poker which you are playing.

Doubling your money or nothing at all!

Well done if you have had luck in winning your first round of pokies. These instances will surely come at one point or the other. However, before collecting this money, you will be offered with two choices - either you collect or double it (re-invest it into the game).

You may opt to collect your winnings instead, which is still fine. However, if you opt to double your money, you will need to choose a card with a higher value. The screen will show you 4 cards facing downwards and 1 more card facing upwards.

You need to choose any of the 4 cards and if the value of the chosen card is higher than the amount which you previously won, you will be lucky to double your money. If that amount is less than what you had original won, the money will be taken away from you.

You either love or hate video poker games. If you happen to love them, the experience will be worth your time. But if pokies aren't your thing, perhaps going for the slots would treat you well.



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